About GIC

The Growth & Infrastructure Consortium (“GIC”) is a non-profit, educational organization comprised of members from around the United States who are dedicated to studying, discussing, and collaborating on issues involving community growth and infrastructure financing. GIC offers a unique and specialized opportunity for professionals who focus on the financing, planning and legal issues surrounding community growth and infrastructure financing to collaborate through membership forums, on-line webinars, and an annual in-person conference held in different locations around the United States when circumstances allow. Our members are local government planners, private consultant planners, attorneys, and renowned academics in the field of community growth and infrastructure financing.

GIC evolved out of annual, informal get-togethers of impact fee administrators in Florida that began in the late 1990s.  Initially called the Impact Fee Roundtable, it grew from afternoon gatherings in local government offices to a two-day conference held in a rented venue.  The first conference to be held outside of Florida was in Phoenix in 2002, when the name was changed to the National Impact Fee Roundtable.  By this time, it had become apparent that a formal organization was required to oversee an annual conference.

The National Impact Fee Roundtable was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2004. The founding board members were Tyson Smith, Esq. (chair), Charlene Gabriel (vice-chair), Clancy Mullen (secretary), Jerry Murphy (treasurer), Rachel Arnold, Deborah Galardi, Pedro Leon, Doug Frost, and Joe Colgan.  In recognition of a growing interest in expanding the scope beyond the subject of impact fees, the name of our organization was changed to the Growth & Infrastructure Consortium in 2010.