2021 Conference Call For Session Proposals

After having to cancel its annual 2020 in-person conference due to COVID-19, GIC is back! Our working theme for the 2021 Growth & Infrastructure conference is:

Back to Basics|Back to the Future:  The New Infrastructure and the Infrastructure of the New.

The financial challenges of cascading disasters, capital improvements, increasing financial constraints, and COVID-19 will be a major focus of the conference.  However, we also intend to include sessions on the challenges facing public infrastructure finance practitioners and how and whether our understanding of “infrastructure” is changing.  

We are planning to host an in-person conference the first week of November 2021 in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida area – venue TBD soon!  Virtual attendance options are currently being explored in light of the rise in new COVID-19 cases.

Session Formats:  Sessions may be either 30, 60, or 90 minutes long.  Nontraditional formats (panel discussions, small groups), papers, or other handouts are encouraged.

Submission of Proposals:   The proposal form should be completed and submitted via e-mail.  Proposal forms should be received byclose of business on Friday, August 27, 2021.

Proposal Form:

Selection Process:   The GIC Board of Directors will evaluate the proposals based on the

following attributes: quality and originality; speaker qualifications; contractions and expansions of the meaning of infrastructure, and relevance to infrastructure finance practitioners.

Contact:  Andrew Rheem at arheem@raftelis.com or Byron Flagg at BFlaggEsq@gmail.com.

More Details About Our 2021 Conference Will be provided Soon!