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2015 Conference

Resilient Infrastructure for a Changing World

The 2015 conference of the Growth & Infrastructure Consortium was held in Portland, OR on Oct. 14-16. About 97 people attended.  All of the sessions were approved for 1.25 AICP certification maintenance credit hours (the Impact Fee Basics and 2015 Case Law Update sessions were also approved for 0.50 legal credit hours).

The conference began Wednesday evening, with a welcome reception at the Crowne Plaza from 6-8 pm. The conference hotel was a 30-minute transit ride from the Portland airport. Sessions and luncheons were held on Thursday and Friday at the Ambridge Event Center, a 2-block walk from the hotel. An off-site dinner was provided Thursday evening at the Rock Bottom Brewery, 15-minute transit ride from the hotel.  The conference ended with the Friday luncheon session. A Friday evening transit pub crawl was available for those who were staying Friday night.

The Thursday plenary speaker was Dr. Robert Lang, professor at University of Nevada at Las Vegas, a nationally recognized authority on urban growth and author of over 150 professional publications, who described recent trends in growth of cities versus suburbs. Dr. Lang spoke from notes, so no presentation is available from that session.


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Transportation Impact Fees: Not What You Thought They Were
Eric Engstrom, Transportation Impact Fees After LOS: A Planner’s Perspective
Julie Morgan, Transportation Impact Fees In a Multimodal Age
Richard Eisenhauer, Portland’s Transportation System Development Charge Program

Impact Fee Basics – Keeping It Between the Lines
Tyson Smith, Presentation
Carson Bise, Impact Fee Basics: Methodology and Design

The Challenge of Paving Unimproved Roads
Terry Moore & Nick Popenuk, Presentation

2015 Case Law & Impact Fee Update
Tyson Smith, 2015 Case Law Update
Clancy Mullen, Impact Fee Trends
Clancy Mullen, Summary of State Impact Fee Enabling Acts
Clancy Mullen, 2015 National Impact Fee Survey

Transportation Finance in Urban Growth Boundary Areas
Szigthey, Kelley, Chase, Popenuk,  Transportation Finance for Urban Areas in Washington County, Oregon (large file)

Water-Related Infrastructure, Rates and Impact Fees in an Era of Rapid Change
Doug Frost and Adam Miller, Water Utilities in a Period of Rapid Change (large file)

Celebration Pointe Transit-Oriented Development:  A Case Study in Innovative Finance
Jonathan Paul, Presentation (large file)

Sustainable Planning:  The New Smart Growth
Steve Kaii-Ziegler and Melissa Lindsjo, Presentation

Laying the Foundation for Stable Development:  Market-Based Permitting Regulations
Chris Nelson, State Typologies of Responsible & Irresponsible Permitting Management
Julian Juergensmeyer, Legal Analysis
John Travis Marshall, Zombie Subdivisions and Other Horrors of Overbuilding: Local Government Solutions to Cyclical Real Estate Crises
Jim Nicholas, So What’s the Problem?

Quantifying Development Impacts Using ArcGIS and CommunityViz
Pierce Jones and Hal Knowles, Comparative Analysis of Development:  Quantifying Impacts (large file);  Florida Case Studies (large file)

What to Do When You Run out of Land:  Park Fees in Developed Areas
Riley Whitcomb & Randy Young, Presentation

Public Finance Principles of Impact Fee Methodology
Chris Nelson, Toward a Standard of Practice for Public Facility Financing
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