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2011 Conference

Funding the New Normal

Held on Oct. 26-28 at the Catamaran Resort Hotel in San Diego, CA.  About 70 people attended.

All of the sessions except the administrators roundtable were approved for 1.25 AICP certification maintenance credit hours.

Registrants (Download PDF)

Program (Download PDF)


Impact Fee Basics
Tyson Smith, Impact Fee Basics: Legal Considerations

Adjusting Your Impact Fees to Fiscal and Funding Realities
Sal Van Etten, Presentation

Squaring Impact Fees with Aspirational Planning
Craig Binning and Russell Mathew, Presentation

Arizona Impact Fees under SB 1525
Andrew McGuire and Peter Culp, Presentation

The Infrastructure Funding Tool Box in the New Normal; Stormwater Utility Fees
Bob Wallace, Randy Young, Karyn Keese, Presentation

Basics of ITE Trip Generation, its Role in Calculating Impact Fees
Eric Tripi, Presentation

Effect of the New Normal on Local Government Finance
Bob Burchell and Chris Nelson, Presentation

Innovative Alternatives to Impact Fee Funding
James Gregoire and Patrick Garahan, Presentation
Alexander Quinn, Infrastructure Bond Financing and Business Improvement Districts

Strange Bedfellows: Why Conservation makes Water Impact Fees Essential
Dennis Jackson, Water Industry Overview
Doug Frost, Changes in Water Use & Wastewater Generation and Impact Fee Implications

The Decrease of Affordable Housing: New Normal or Forces from Within?
Bob Burchell, Julian Juergensmeyer and Jim Nicholas, Presentation

Pay (and Save) to Play: Mitigation Fees
Bob Spencer, Presentation

Total Asset Management and Beyond!
Barry Emerson, Asset Management Intro
Todd Chase and Robb Grantham, Total Asset Management

New Transportation Planning Paradigm: Constraints-Based Planning
Don Samdahl and Julie Morgan, The Shifting Transportation Planning Paradigm

Funding the Infrastructure Deficit: Privatization or the End of Impact Fees?
Tyson Smith, Presentation
Chris Nelson, Whither Impact Fees?

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) and the New Normal
Katie Wilson, Presentation
Barbara Spoonhour, Presentation
Martin Alvarez, Presentation

We’ve Been Robbed: The Loss of Revenue for Infrastructure
Randy Young, Presentation
Bob Wallace, Presentation
Charlene Gabriel, Presentation

Conservation and Reduction of Infrastructure Demand
Julian Juergensmeyer, Infrastructure in the Post-Impact Fee Era
Ryan Rowberry, Environmental Risks and Rewards of the Post-Impact Fee Model

Case Law Update and the Onslaught Against Impact Fees
Tyson Smith, 2011 Case Law Update
Clancy Mullen, Impact Fees Under Siege