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2010 Conference

Beyond Impact Fees: Alternative Methods of Infrastructure Finance

Held on Nov. 3-5 at the Sheraton Suites Westshore Hotel in Tampa, Florida.  About 67 people attended.  Although this is the lowest turnout we have had in recent years, we still managed to provide a quality conference at an affordable cost and break even financially.

All of the sessions except the administrators roundtable were approved for 1.25 AICP certification maintenance credit hours.  To view sign-in sheets, click here.

Registrants (Download PDF)

Program (Download PDF)


Impact Fee Basics
Tyson Smith, Impact Fee Basics: Legal Considerations

Activity Fees to Mitigate Street Deterioration
Todd Chase, Presentation

Leading the Horse to Water: Unused Sources of Transportation Funding
Randy Young, Presentation

Do Impact Fee Reductions Stimulate Growth?
Clancy Mullen, Presentation
Clancy Mullen and Jim Nicholas, Paper

ITE Trip Generation and Beyond: Cost Allocation Approaches
Eric Tripi, Trip Generation
Jonathan Young, Cost Allocation Approaches

Mobility Plans and Fees: The Future of Transportation Funding
Bob Wallace, Tyson Smith, and David Goldstein, Main Presentation
Jonathan Paul, Alachua County Presentation

Structuring Complex Debt Transactions in New Market Realities
Todd Chase and Jamie Gomes, Presentation

The Capital Imparovements Plan as the Funding Guide to Future Capital Revenues
Bob Burchell, Jim Nicholas, Chris Nelson, Maik Aagard, Presentation

Bulletproofing Against Expenditure Challenges
Riley Whitcomb, Presentation

Reforming Infrastructure Financing in Light of New Market Realities
Chris Nelson, Paper

Building a Business Case for Infrastructure Projects
Lea Ann Thomas, Robert Sheets, Cristie Carey, Presentation

Alternative Delivery Methods for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
Frank Davis and Harold Smith, Presentation

Impact Fee Considerations for Low Growth and Redeveloping Cities
Eric Nickell and Jonathan Young, Presentation

Assessment and User Fees: When Do They Work Best?
Nilgun Kamp, Amanda Haas, Susan Schoettle-Gumm, Presentation

“Green Credits”: Considerations to Incentivize Green Water/Wastewater Technology
Robb Grantham, Presentation

Level of Service Standards
Steve Tindale, Nilgun Kamp, Greg Stewart, Presentation

Case Law Update and the Footprint of the Great Recession on Impact Fees
Tyson Smith, Chris Nelson, 2010 Case Law Update