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2006 Conference

2006 National Impact Fee Roundtable

Held October 4-6 at the FDIC Conference Center, 1001 N. Monroe, Arlington, VA

Registrants (Download PDF)

Program (Download PDF)


Tyson Smith and John Gallagher, Impact Fee Basics (ppt in pdf)

Clancy Mullen, Improvements-Driven Fees (ppt)

Randy Young, Improvements-Driven Impact Fees (ppt)

Joe Colgan, Improvement-Driven Fees (ppt)

Robert Burchell, Using Size as a Surrogate for Person Per Unit to Determine Impact Fees (ppt)

David Listokin, Demographic Multipliers: Recent National and State Findings (ppt)

Clancy Mullen, Fire and Police Demand Multipliers: Calls-for-Service vs. Functional Population(pdf)

Greg Stewart, Independent Studies (ppt)

Clancy Mullen, Impact Fees Among the States (ppt)

Craig Binning, Impact Fees: The Canadian Experience (ppt)

Tony Crook, Impact Fees Between the States and Nation (ppt)

Paul Flora, Calculating Infrastructure Needs with Fiscal Impact Models (ppt)

Carson Bise, Calculating Long Range Operating and Infrastructure Needs with Fiscal Models (ppt)

Robert Burchell, Fiscal Impact Analysis and the Financial Feasibility of Comprehensive Plans (ppt)

Tony Crook, Impact Fees and Exactions in the UK (ppt)

Robert Burchell, Local Fiscal Impact of Residential and Nonresidential Development: Response to the NAHB Model (ppt)

Clancy Mullen, Revenue Credits: The Methodological Frontier (ppt)

Dan Curtin, Reference Materials for Impact Fee Case Law Panel (pdf)

Tyson Smith, Case Law Update 2006: Lessons in Litigation (ppt in pdf)

Steven Pedretti, Maureen Zamarripa and Monica Daniels Mika, How to Adminster Impact Fees After the Consutlants are Gone (ppt in pdf)

Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates, Crediting Low-Traffic Development: Adjusting Site-Level Vehicle Trip Generation Using URBEMIS (pdf)

Greg Stewart, Correctional and Law Enforcements Impact Fees: Apportionment Methodologies(ppt)

Tyson Smith, Indexing – Legal Issues (ppt in pdf)

Julie Herlands, Chris Nelson, Yvonne Dawson and Sheila Minor , Proffers vs. Impact Fees: The Virginia Experience (ppt in pdf)

Greg Stewart, General Government Building Impact Fees: Issues and Legality (ppt)

Steve Heaney, Innovative Infrastructure Finance and Delivery: Lessons from the Experts (ppt in pdf)

Mark Schiavone, Spending Impact Fees (ppt)