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2005 Conference

2005 National Impact Fee Roundtable

Held October 5-7, 2005 at the Embassy Suites Downtown, Denver, CO

Registrants (Download PDF)

Program (Download PDF)


Rick Giardina, Deb Galardi and Tyson Smith, Impact Fee Basics (PowerPoint)

Randy Young, Standards vs. Reality: Level of Service Issues (PowerPoint)

Joshua Polston, Service Levels: Standards vs. Reality (Adobe Acrobat)

Heather Encinosa, Levels of Service in Florida: Lessons from a High Growth State (PowerPoint)

Bob Burchell, Workforce/Affordable Housing Study for Coral Gables (Acrobat)

Andy Knudtsen, Affordable Housing Strategies: The Role of Commercial Linkage Impact Fees(PowerPoint)

Chris Nelson, Jerry Murphy and Tyson Smith, How Rational Does my Nexus Have to Be? (Acrobat)

Bob Wallace, Alternative Methods of Impact Fee Collection (PowerPoint)

Clancy Mullen, Including Interest Costs in Impact Fee Calculations (Acrobat)

Ed Cebron, Including Interest Costs in Impact Fees: Economics, Equity and Methods (PowerPoint)

Joe Colgan, Using Cash Flow Models to Incorporate Interest Costs in Impact Fee Calculations(PowerPoint)

Eric Bergman, Tina Axelrad and Carolynne White, An Overview of Impact Fees in Colorado(PowerPoint)

Greg Stewart, Litigation and Legislation: Developers Strike Back! (PowerPoint)

Mark Schiavone, Innovations in New Impact Fee Systems: Jefferson County, WV (PowerPoint)

Reed Liming, City of Santa Fe Impact Fees Program (PowerPoint)

Michaela Hansen, Innovations in New Impact Fee Systems: the Lincoln Experience (Acrobat)

Chris Nelson, Growth Management or Social Engineering: The Albuquerque Experiment(PowerPoint)

Bob Wallace, Tiering of Single-Family Impact Fees (PowerPoint)

Chris Nelson, It’s All About Fairness: Residential Impacts (PowerPoint)

Joel Theis, Balancing Impact Fees with Other Capital Funding Sources (PowerPoint–read-only)

Randy Young, Revenue Credits for Impact Fees (PowerPoint)

Clancy Mullen, Revenue Credits: Back to First Principles (PowerPoint)