Impact Fees and Infrastructure Finance:  Back to Basics in a Changing World

The 2017 conference of the Growth & Infrastructure Consortium focused on impact fee basics, with sessions addressing legal principles, administration, eligible expenditures, developer credits, methodology, and incentives.  It also included a tour of a new public park and Olympic rowing facility.

The conference was held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Sarasota, FL on Oct. 18-20. About 80 people attended.  The conference began Wednesday evening with a welcome reception, followed by sessions all day Thursday and Friday morning.  A Friday evening pub crawl was available for those who were staying Friday night.  AICP members were able to earn up to 11.25 credit hours.  Conference registration was $275 early, $350 regular, and $75 student, and included the Wednesday reception, Thursday and Friday breakfasts and lunches, and a Thursday night reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres.


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(Download PDF)


Impact Fee Legal Principles
Tyson Smith, Jim Nicholas, Susan Schoettle, Jerry Murphy, Legal Principles
Video of session (coming soon)

Overview of Impact Fee Administration
John Osborne and Elaine Barker, Overview of Impact Fee Administration
Chris Dawson, Alachua County, FL Impact Fee Administration
Video of session (coming soon)

Impact Fee Methodology:  From Principles to Practice
Clancy Mullen, Impact Fee Methodology: From Principles to Practice
Bob Spencer, Alternative View on Methodology
Video of session (coming soon)

Eligible Impact Fee Expenditures
Dwayne Guthrie, Eligible Impact Fee Expenditures
Charles Wu, Eligible Impact Fee Expenditures
Lucy Gallo, Eligible Impact Fee Expenditures
Video of session (coming soon)

Revenue Credits: Impact Fee Methodology’s Grey Area
Clancy Mullen, Revenue Credits:  Methodology’s Grey Area
Video of session (coming soon)

Who Says Planning and Zoning Isn’t Funny?/Infrastructure Finance Trumped
Chris Nelson, Infrastructure Finance Trumped
Dwight Merriam, 2016 ZiPLeR Awards (presentation)
Dwight Merriam, The 2016 ZiPLeRs, Zoning and Planning Law Report, February 2017

Managing Developer Credits
Clancy Mullen, Managing Developer Credits
Holly Osborn, Surprise, Arizona
Chris Dawson, Alachua County, Florida
David Goldstein, Pasco County, Florida
Video of session (coming soon)

Ethics for Planners, Engineers and Lawyers
Dwight Merriam and Byron Flagg, Ethics for Planners, Engineers and Lawyers

Discussion of 2018 Conference and Future of GIC
Clancy Mullen, The Future of GIC:  Where do We Go from Here?

Creative Financing for Sewer Expansion: Charlotte County
Tony Hairston, Creative Financing and Pricing for Utility Expansion in Charlotte County and Elsewhere

Impact Fee Reductions as Incentives:  How do They Work?
Nilgun Kamp and David Goldstein, Impact Fee Reductions as Incentives
Video of session (coming soon)

Fiscal Analysis:  Blurring the Lines between Advocacy and Analysis
Carson Bise, Fiscal Analysis (coming soon)
Bob Burchell, Fiscal Impact Analysis and How it is being Abused
Jim Nicholas, What We Learn from Fiscal Analysis

Two Wild Cards in Future Housing Demand: Millennials and Immigrants
Zhou Yu, Two Wild Cards in Future Housing Demand: Millennials and Immigrants

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