Doing So Much with So Little: Funding Local Government Facilities and Services

Held on Oct. 3-5 at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta, GA.  78 people attended (49 paid registrants and 29 student attendees).

All of the sessions except the administrators roundtable and the BeltLine tour were approved for 1.25 AICP certification maintenance credit hours.

Registrants (Download PDF)

Program (Download PDF)


Impact Fee Trends
Clancy Mullen, Presentation

Tightening the Belt on Sprawl: Funding the Atlanta BeltLine
Ryan Rowberry, Lisa Gordon, Rob Brawner, Presentation

Impact Fees in Australia
Lyndall Bryant, Australia and its Impact Fees

Unintended Consequences of Development Agreements
Pat Walker, Scott McCarty, Christopher DePerro, Andrew Rheem and Andrew McGuire, Presentation

Beyond Impact Fees: the Fat Lady is about to Sing
Chris Nelson, The Mass Market for Suburban Low-Density Development is Over
Julian Juergensmeyer, Loving Impact Fees in a Time of Recession
Jim Nicholas, You’ve Got to be Very Careful if You Don’t Know Where You’re Going

Presenting to Governing Authorities and Educating Stakeholders
Lem Ward, Presentation

How Will We Grow?:  Manatee County’s Approach
John Osborne, Presentation

Supporting Sustainable Development Planning: New GIS-Based Roles of Impact Fees and Fiscal Impact Analysis
Bob Burchell, Jim Nicholas, Jack Nyman, Steven French, Presentation

A Holistic Approach to Infrastructure Financing
Randall Goff, Shawn Koorn, Joe Healey, Presentation

Operating vs. Building Costs: How Do Cities Fund it Now?
Pat Walker, Presentation
Scott McCarty, Presentation
Stacey Lemos, Presentation

Public/Private Partnerships: The Real World
Tyson Smith, Presentation
Jody Mansbach, Presentation
Scott McCarty, Presentation
Lem Ward, Presentation

Smart Growth Economics
Nilgun Kamp, Steve Tindale, Presentation

Impact Fees and Growth
Gregory Burge, Urban Growth and Development Impact Fees
Trey Trosper, Impact Fees and Urban Sprawl

Case Law Update 2012
Tyson Smith, Presentation
Julian Juergensmeyer, Presentation


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