Infrastructure Finance and Impact Fees in the New Economy

Held November 5-6, 2009 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel, 340 North 3rd Street, Phoenix, Arizona

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Impact Fee Basics
Tyson Smith and Mark Schiavone, Impact Fee Basics

Public/Private Partnerships and Innovative Financing for Infrastructure
Lowell Clary, Public/Private Partnerships (P3)

Transportation Mobility Fee
Chris Nelson, Karen Seggerman & Jim Nicholas, Presentation

Impact Fee Increases, Decreases, Suspensions During the Recession
Randy Young, Len Goodwin, Deb Galardi, Presentation

Frontiers in Impact Fee Methodology
Clancy Mullen, Frontiers in Impact Fee Methodology
Bob Spencer, Greenhouse Gas Emmission Fees

Using GIS to Enhance Public Finance Analyses
Bob Wallace, Part 1: Fire Services Planning and School Impact Fees
Bob Wallace, Part 2: Transportation Impact and Mobility Fees

Models of Regional and Multi-Jurisdictional Transportation Impact Fees
John Ghilarducci, Don Ganer & Todd Chase, Presentation

The New Normal in Housing Production
Bob Burchell: Housing/Employment Trends and Pigs in Pythons
Chris Nelson, American Mega Trends

Impact Fee Methodologies: Avoiding Unnecessary Controversy
Carter Froelich, Private Sector Impact Fee Concerns
Lucy Gallo, Impact Fees from a CPAs Perspective
Emil Malizia, Protecting Your Community from Controversy

The New Housing Market and its Effect on Infrastructure Financing
Jamie Gomes, The New Housing Market

Utilizing Regional and State Partnerships to Finance Infrastructure
Chip Pierce, Regional and State Partnerships
Todd Chase, Strategic Infrastructure Funding
Stephanie Washington, The Greater Arizona Development Authority

Surviving an Impact Fee Challenge
Roric Massey, Goodyear, In Defense of Development Impact Fees
Jennifer Albers, Yuma, Development Fee Challenges
Angie Sanchez, Pinal County, Alternative Fee Calculations

Development Cost Surveys and Transportation Funding: Fort Worth
Bob Spencer, Aaron Nathan, Katherine Beck, Eric Nickell, Presentation
Development Costs and Transportation Infrastructure Funding Study

2009 Impact Fee Case Law and Legislative Update
Tyson Smith, 2009 Case Law Update
Tyson Smith, 2009 Case Law Handout
Clancy Mullen, 2009 Legislative Update
Peter Culp, Recent Developments in Arizona

Tools for Economic Development Finance
Carter Froelich, Growth Paying for Growth with Special Districts

Managing Risk in Infrastructure Funding Programs
Doug Frost, Jim Rounds & Tracy DeSomma, Presentation, Part 1
Doug Frost, Jim Rounds & Tracy DeSomma, Presentation, Part 2

Alternatives to Impact Fees
Randy Young & Greg Stewart, Alternatives for Funding Capital Needs

Do Standard Trip Generation Rates Overstate Impact of Commercial?
Joe Colgan, Do Standard Trip Rates Overstate Impact?
Bob Wallace, Do Standard Trip Rates Overstate Impact?
Clancy Mullen, Nonresidential Traffic Impact Fees

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