2008 National Impact Fee Roundtable

Held October 8-10, 2008 at the Gaylord Palms Resort, 6000 W. Osceola Parkway, Orlando, FL

Registrants (Download PDF)

Program (Download PDF)


Impact Fee Basics
Tyson Smith, Legal Considerations

TIDDs and TIFs: New Tasks for Fiscal Impact Analysis
Bob Burchell, Jamie Gomes, Maik Aagaard, Presentation

Challenges for Parks Impact Fees: Portland Case Study
Don Ganer, Riley Whitcomb, Presentation
Link to Portland Parks System Development Charge web page

Beyond Fundamental Principles: Impact Fee Law State-to-State
Clancy Mullen, Fundamental Principles
Tyson Smith, Impact Fee Law State to State

Basic Transportation Concepts and Current Trends
Eric Tripi, Presentation

Alternative Funding Mechanisms: Utility Districts and Beyond
Steve Tindale, Nilgun Kamp and Susan Schoettle-Gumm, Alternative Funding Sources
Mike Siegel, Funding Mechanisms for Distributed Alternative Energy (talking points)

Developer Credits: Implementation Issues
Steven Kaii-Ziegler, Developer Credits/Offsets: Implementation Issues
Karyn Keese, Utility and Park Impact Fee Credits
Julie Masterpool, Developer Agreements and Impact Fee Credits
Marshon Miller, Regional Road Impact Fee Credits: Automation Issues

Should You Reduce Fees in Response to the Housing Crisis?
Lee Evett, Bob Spencer, Heather Encinosa and Ken Parker, Reduce Fees in Tough Times?

2008 Case Law and Legislative Update
Tyson Smith, Case Law Update 2008: The Musical
Clancy Mullen, 2008 Legislative Update
Jim Nicholas, What’s Happenin’?: Tallahassee, Aventura, Islamorada

Fiction, Fantasy, Fallacy or Fact?: Spotting Suspicious Studies
Mike Siegel, Deconstructing the Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly (talking points)
Mike Siegel, The Impact of a Large Casino on the Gettysburg Area, 2006 (hand-out)
Mike Siegel, Review of Hanover County’s Proposed Comprehensive Plan Update, 2007 (hand-out)
Mike Siegel, A Review of the Proposed King William Reservoir, 2008 (hand-out)

Interest Expense as a Cost Component in Impact Fees
Randy Young, Is Interest a Real Expense?
Bob Spencer, Interest Expense as a Cost Component
Bob Wallace, Interest Expense in Impact Fees

Impact Fee Trends: Survey Results
Clancy Mullen, Presentation
Clancy Mullen, National Impact Fee Survey, 2008 (hand-out)

Cutting Edge Methods: Using GIS, Density Variations
Amanda Haas, A GIS-Based and Density-Driven Approach to Fee Districts
Elisabeth Schuck, Employing a GIS-Based Approach to Student Generation Rates

Common Questions and Concerns of Impact Fee Administrators
Paula Fleishman, Amy Patterson, Lea Ann Thomas, Nilgun Kamp, Presentation

Elasticity and the Economic Effect of Impact Fees
Brian Martin, Pasco County Transportation Impact Fees: Max. Levels without Economic Harm
Pasco County, Florida, Road Impact Fee Schedule (hand-out)

Specific Plan Impact Fee Programs: The Sacramento Experience
Robert Davison, Jamie Gomes, Presentation

Dashing Myths: The Academic Evidence on Impacts of Impact Fees
Chris Nelson, Presentation

Fiscal Impact Roundup: Trends in Fiscal Impact Analysis
Bob Burchell, Jim Nicholas, Brian Martin, Carson Bise, Paul Flora, Presentation

Should Growth Pay Its Way?
Bob Burchell, Chris Nelson, Jim Nicholas, Randy Young, Presentation

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