2007 National Impact Fee Roundtable

Held October 10-12, 2007 at Doubletree Hotel and Executive Meeting Center, 1000 NE Multnomah, Portland, OR

Registrants (Download PDF)

Program (Download PDF)


Impact Fee Basics
Tyson Smith, Legal Considerations
Todd Cristiano, Fee Methodologies
Carson Bise, Myths and Misconceptions

Impact Fees, Proportionate Share Calculations and Development Agreements
Chris Nelson, Impact Fees, Proportionate-Share & Developer Agreements
Greg Stewart, The Florida Experience

Application of Development Fees to Environmental Impacts
Michael McCrory, Environmental Impact Fees

Can Impact Fees Be Too High?: Research from Florida
Fishkind & Associates, Memorandum to Pasco County, FL

A Regional Approach to Transportation Impact Fees
Darren Henderson, Developing a Regional Impact Fee for Freeways in Riverside County
Ruthanne Taylor Berger, The WRCOG Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee: The Regional Approach
Ryan Graham, SANBAG Development Mitigation Program
Dan Landon, Regional Transportation Mitigation Fee, Nevada County, CA

Revising Water/Wastewater Impact Fees in a Time of Rapid Change in the West
Douglas Frost, Fred McVey, Cil Pierce, presentation
Fred McVey, notes to presentation

School Impact Fees
Randy Young, School Impact Fees
Jim Hansen, School Impact Fees in the State of Washington

Impact Fee Methodologies: From Basic Types to Cutting Edge
Clancy Mullen, Impact Fee Methodologies: From Basic Types to Cutting Edge
Bob Spencer, Impact Fee Methods

Solving the Workforce Housing Crisis
Leigh Anne King, New Methods in Evaluating the Nexus
Jim Nicholas, A Methodology for Housing Mitigation
Greg Stewart, Workforce Housing and Inclusionary Zoning
Model Inclusionary Housing Ordinance, Collier County, FL
Model Housing Mitigation Fee Ordinance, Collier County, FL

Stakeholder Involvement in Impact Fees
Sumner Sharpe and Rick Williams, Updating Portland’s Multi-Modal TSDC

Using Impact Fees to Promote Smart Growth
Chris Nelson, Promoting Efficient Development, Social Equity and Better Communities
Desmond Parrington, Impact Fees and Smart Growth in Sacramento

Multi-Modal Transportation Impact Fees
Don Samdahl, City of Portland Transportation SDC Program
Mike Podowski, South Lake Union, Seattle, Multi-Modal Transportation Planning
Kathryn Levine, Transportation System Development Charge

Impact Fee Programs and Land Secured Debt Financing Districts
Jamie Gomes, Robert Davison and Lori Jackson, presentation

The 10 Biggest Problems With Fee Programs – What Can Go Wrong After Council Votes Yes
Bob Spencer, Ten Things to Remember After Impact Fee Adoption

Administrator’s Roundtable Session
No proceedings

Multi-Jurisdictional Impact Fees
No proceedings

Update on Indexing/Hazards of Fee Discounting
Bob Burchell, Impact Fee Inflation Index Calculations: New Procedures

Fundamental Impact Fee Principles
Clancy Mullen, Fundamental Impact Fee Principles: Are There Any?
Julian Juergensmeyer, Basic Impact Fee Principles: A Lawyer’s View

Critical Analyses of Fiscal Impact Analysis
Bob Burchell, Critical Analysis of Fiscal Impact Analysis

Developer Credits: When, How Much and Why?
Tyson Smith, Paul Tischler, Susan Schoettle-Gumm, outline

Dashing Myths: The Academic Evidence on the Impacts of Impact Fees
Chris Nelson, Dashing Myths: The Academic Evidence on the Impacts of Impact Fees

After the Basics: Sit in on the Development of a Stormwater Impact Fee
Pierce Runnells and Susan Schoettle-Gumm, Stormwater Impact Fee: Progress Meeting Scenario

Implementing an Impact Fee Ordinance
Lea Anne Thomas, Crystalyn Carey, Dee Dee Beaver, presentation

Impact Fees, Infrastructure Sequencing, and Large-Scale Developments
No proceedings

Calculating Residential Impact Fees: Housing Type, Bedrooms or Square Feet?
Bob Burchell, Using Size as a Surrogate for Person per Unit: An Alternate View

How to Implement Transportation Impact Fees in Washington State
Don Samdahl, Transportation Impact Fee Programs in Washington State
Joel Pfundt, City of Redmond Transportation Impact Fees
David Smith, Olympia Transportation Impact Fee Program and Legal Challenges
Gary Proedehl, The Pierce County, WA Experience

2007 Case Law and Legislative Update
Jerry Lidz, Impact Fees in Oregon
Tyson Smith, 2007 Case Law Update
Julian Juergensmeyer, Impact Fee Acts: 2007 Updates

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